This is not an article. Articles feed you information and tell you what the author feels. True nostalgia is the last emotion that can be induced by a foreign agent. It can only be felt when it arises from your own memory.

The Google Dictionary defines nostalgia as ‘a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past’. It could be for your carefree childhood days, the euphoric college masti, or the wistful romance in the past. The aforementioned, however, are all individual-specific.

One of the very few things, which the multiple people of this vast land feel nostalgic for, without a doubt, is our beloved Hindi film industry. The stories are the embodiment of our dreams, ambitions and bonds. The characters are straight out of our homes and our hopes, and that’s why they are imbibed, not in our memories, but our hearts.

Let’s see how much you remember about those iconic millennial movies which have defined how we see ourselves in the future. Translate the following English words to decipher the famous dialogues from my favourite movies (You also have to guess the movie, the cast and the names of the main characters).

  1. Do you have any idea how dangerous your smile is? If I had a heart, it would definitely have been smitten by your smile😃.

  2. If you want something with an undying passion, the cosmos conspires to make you meet with it.🔮

  3. You've tried childhood, you had lots of fun. Now try madness (Hint: she’s her favourite)🚂

  4. Movies work only due to three reasons: entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment!👙

  5. I’ll make so many holes in you that you’ll get confused … where to breathe from, and where to fart from (who the hell thought of this🤣)

  6. My pledge is the only law. 👑

  7. Utamamm Dadh-Dhadhatt Paadham… Madhyam Paadham Thuchuk Thuchuk… Khanishtham Thud-Thudiya Paadham… Sur-Suriya Pran Ghatkam…(Don’t expect me to translate this 🙏)

  8. Once I’ve committed to something, I don’t even listen to myself. 💪

  9. 70 minutes 🏑

  10. The movie remains, my friend🍾 (we couldn’t agree more!!)


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Writer: Shashmita Sanyal

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