Break Free


To break free from confinement.

It is the feeling of freedom from the shackles of all the regulations and stereotypes formed by society. It is meant to be the freedom that we seek for ourselves.

Everyone in today's life has once dreamt of escaping this world and living in the world they've imagined, where women can work, not marry, and can unfollow the norms forced on them; where the children can enjoy their childhood, not be in the pressure of competition, of standing up to others expectations; where the men can love the colour pink and can stay at home and look after their loved ones, without being labelled.

Where all genders are welcomed with open arms and not judgement.

It is a feeling where we can live happily in reality, and not just pretend to be happy.

The feeling of escape is to live without any complications and have a happy ending. We can be ourselves if we escape from ordinary and be unique.

In the end, it is all about just breaking free from ourselves.


Author ~ Nidhi Gundecha

Editor ~ Nishita Kamdar

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