Broken Love

He'd finally gotten a new job

His heart leaped

He ran to her place, only to find her with someone else, stuck in a hug

His heart sank

He ran back

With each and every step, the voices in his head, growing louder and louder and LOUDER

Screaming, "you're not good enough, you never were! Now see? She's left you for another man!"

Listening to these voices growing louder took its toll on him


A voice chirped "connected"

He put his earphones in

Listening to old recordings of her voice

The voices quietened

He experienced euphoria

He cuddled in a corner

Those voices giving him warmth against the cold, dark world

He managed to muster up enough strength to move to his bed, where he cried himself to sleep looking at old photos of her.

Author ~ Amit Vallayil

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