Caramel carnivals

The whir of the ticket machine is louder than the mosquitoes buzzing around the queue.

There is a dim cacophony of screams and shouts echoing outside the walls made of candy, and electricity shoots through your body.

Your mind goes haywire as you think of the fifty feet tall rollercoaster and the cotton candy machine besides the fancy diner- you can’t miss it.

After all, the carnival only arrives in June.

The smell of melting chocolate is dizzying,

The sun seems to be melting the rides itself and as you look up, you can barely recognise the character blinking at you from the makeshift theatre.

The people are loud and you’re holding cotton candy in your arms,

It smells like sweat and soda and you love it.

The cashier’s loud bubble gum chewing grates on the nerves of the lady besides you as you giggle to yourself.

There is a special show tonight, the boy you’ve been crushing on is working the lights backstage and you can’t wait to see him.

Twisted pretzels drip melted caramel on your converses as you tremble with excitement, waiting for the show to start.

Today, there are acrobats and knives.

It’s 11 in the morning when you wake up.

Your face is devoid of all emotion as you switch the TV on to the news channel, talking about the third wave soon approaching.

It’s 2021 and there is no carnival.

It’s 2021 and you hate the taste of caramel.

Author: Himadri Krishna

Editor: Chinmai Gokule

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