Cause Baby

Cause baby, I fell for you, harder than I thought I could.

Cause baby, I pretended I couldn’t love you when I already did

Cause baby, I fell every time your lips curled up,

Cause baby I’m made to love you

Forever and ever.

Baby, the distance didn’t take us away,

Our hearts did

Baby, you didn’t leave me

Our emotions did

I never stopped loving you,

It just became one-sided

Who said I won’t love you?

Forever and ever.

Cause baby, we belong together

We belong in each other’s arms

Cause baby, loving you was always my choice

Oh, baby, we met again

Cause baby, it’s our destiny to be together

Forever and ever.

The story is told again

The history repeated again

Cause baby, our kids now know our story.

And they will remember it

Forever and ever.

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: Shreya Paul

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