Chant of Toxicity

Try not to abuse your power

I know we didn't choose to change

You might not want to lose your power

But having it's so strange.

-"Your Power" by Billie Eilish

Observe the obscured, a scenery full of scratches,

As they welcome you to the exhibition,

One which was meant to be coveted.

No art stands signed, no artist nearby,

All you interpret is how fickle the human mind is,

How nasty the innocent hands are.

It’s funny

How all the paintings just have a single message

"I’m better than the rest."

Trying so hard to dominate, to stand out

That their true sentiments get buried below

All that the seven sins desired.

You walk down the hall, being ignorant,

For the only prize that could be won now is silence.

Hoping the silence will portray utter amazement.

The art and I,

Are the only two who knew this is the biggest lie,

Out of all those that were told, that things would last.

My steps shorten as the end arrives.

My teary face now knows what was right.

But my heart still longs, for all that was wrong.

I leave; stunned, rendered speechless

They never wanted to express themselves

All they wanted was power; domination endless.

I felt my heart break as tears rolled down,

Those “innocent hands” not so innocent after all.

As I wipe my tears, deciphering the path it has carved in my broken heart,

It shouts, to open my eyes, to see what I didn't let in.

To break free of the cursed fidelity.

But no more of disguised disgusting flattery, no more of elusive ecstasy.

For once it's in my hands, for once I can leave the art gallery.

For once, I can shout to the streets in front of the art gallery,

And make them pause, turn and listen to

The chants of toxicity.

Authors: Abhinav Bhadri and Nandini Patil

Editor: Charmee Purohit

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