Chapter 1: A Cup of Tea

Updated: Mar 1

On a very fine midsummer evening, two noble ladies sat cross-legged over a cup of black tea, with suitable milk, extended pinky fingers discussing the hot boiling affairs of the courtroom.

‘Idiotic barbaric man, no sense of decency and he wishes to rule? How absurd’ commented lady Casandara.

‘His acts have tainted the glory our past rulers had upheld. All of their sacrifices, now in vain just for his cries and crookedness’ lady Boulevard said in agreement.

‘Have you seen the way he dresses? It feels as if the royal highness hired a personal clown for his dresses. The length of his trousers remind me of his reach of intellectual views, very short and narrow’ continued lady Casandara as she stirred her tea

al throne could handle the wait of all that malice any longer. A day doesn't go by where an innocent isn't bend below their will and their cries, echoes in the entire Palace. May lord bring us justice. May lord bring us hope’ replied Lady Boulevard as she accidentally slipped some tea.

‘Oh but I heard he is in search of a bride.’ exclaimed Lady Casandara as she passed a tissue to her companion.

‘Bride? Are you sure or is it just another search for amusement and enlarging his pride. All the resources of our motherland have been exhausted, but his greed hasn't. And so the search for a pretend bride continues.’ the other sneered in absolute disgust.

'Oh, it is the truth universally acknowledged, so believe me when I say that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. Just imagine how lucky the bride will be, pride so large he'll agree to all her demands. The waist or the bride will cause his heart to miss a beat, will save the kingdom from mayhem either ways, says Lady Cassandra with a subtle slurp.

Shh shh, giggling away the other continues, 'These walls have ears. If this reaches our majesty he will make sure we aren't kept alive anymore.' Keeping the crumbled napkin beside the saucer, Lady Boulevard adds, 'Anyhow how can you even think someone will marry that orge of a human ?'

Lady Cassandra slides the invitation to the evening ball over the table, ‘ I believe our king has found his prey and we have our’s ,dearie’.

Author - Abhinav Bhadri & Anubhi Srivastava

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