Chapter 1 - The Inspiration || What is Activism?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021


It was exactly 10 years ago when my life changed forever. It was on this very day that I came across the word ‘Activism’ for the first time. I was 13 back then. I woke up to a boring Monday and as usual started reading the day’s newspaper. It was the headline on the second page that caught my eye – “Activists protest in front of the United Nations Headquarters- Demand actions against climate change.” The report explained as to how the environmental activists thought that our world was in grave danger due to the recent threat of global warming. It also stipulated how environmental activists have become very active lately with protests against climate change.”

The report made me very concerned but at the same time, I was also curious as there was mainly one question in my mind “What is Activism?”

It took the next 10 years for me to get a satisfying, sensible answer to this question. And it is this question that I intend to answer for you readers today. But remember, the answer I give you is not etched in stone. Hence, I implore you to find your own version of answers to this question.

So, moving on, I immediately went to my personal encyclopedia - my dad.

I asked him the same question and he told me, “Dear, Activism is when you campaign and demonstrate in order to bring social, economic, political or environmental change in the world. It comes from the word ‘active’ I suppose, which means that you actively take action, create awareness, use your voice to speak for what is wrong, and stand for what you believe will make the world a better place to live in. Did you read about that?” I showed him the report and saw a visible concern on his face. He said, “Reading these kinds of reports make you sad, don’t they? But kudos to these youngsters. We are in need of more people in this world like them in order to save the world.”

It was at this very moment that I decided I would try to make the world a better place and without even truly understanding what it meant, I was going to be an environmental activist.


Author ~ Manas Mehta

Editor ~ Suryakshi Surve

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