'So tell me about yourself.' Draco asks.

'There is nothing much to say really.'

'I know there’s a lot. But you won't open up yet. Your best friend said, and I quote, 'Pressure her about telling you anything and I'll kill you' for some reason, and I am scared.'

You laugh off at that.

'Yeah she does that. She is kinda protective.'

'Yeah she is. But I wanna know the small details. Like your favourite color, book, spell, music, dress, etc.'

You smile at him.

'Color; I love purple and teal. I like wattpad books, (idk your fav spell. Insert it here), I love Ariana grande, such a Barbie she is. I don't wear dresses. I’m more of a bruh girl.'

'I guessed the last one.'

'Now you answer the same questions.'

'Well, I like green and black. I don't like books much but I listen to audiobooks sometimes. I like jazz music and mostly instrumental or EDM. Well, I don't wear dresses. I'm kind of a bruh girl too.'

You both laugh at that.

You see that the sun has set already and the stars are shining.

'You know those 3 stars?'

You point your hand in the sky and he looks up.

'If you connect these with them, they make (your fav constellation).'

'Yeah and if you...'

Draco holds your hand. Being extremely close to you, on your back. You both were sitting on the grass, but it feels like you are in heaven right now.

‘I'm pointing up there, Y/N, not at my lips.'

You blush and look where he is pointing.

'I love that shade on your cheeks.' He whispers in your ear.

'Now if you add those to those. They make your initial.'

You look at it closely, for the first time realizing that.

You look back at him smiling.

'Draco that's amaz-'

You look at him, so fucking close to you.

As if you both are breathing the same air. Hearts pounding, they can be heard in the air between you two.

He licks his lips.

As if inviting you in there,

And damn, you so badly wanna join him.

You look away, scared of the intensity of his gaze.

He holds your chin and makes you look back at him.

Your eyes bow down, looking at the floor.

'Y/N look at me.'

You, being too scared to look up, don't listen to him.

He gives a little pressure and your head goes up.

You look in his eyes, and he softly smiles.

'Your comfort over everything, Y/N.'

You let out a breath at that and smile at him, whispering a thank you.

'Come. I'll show you something.'

He stands up and asks for your hand. You give it to him, standing up yourself.

You both start walking into the forest.

'Is there gonna be something related to your heart again?'

He chuckles.


' many secrets do you hold Mr. Malfoy?'

'I guess you will have to unlock them yourself.'

You take that as a challenge.

You see a dead end.

There is an end with a lot of bushes.

Draco goes in there and pushes on it. A door opens, making you gasp.

He looks at you and smiles, shaking his head inside.

And you move in there, looking around.

There are so many moon flowers...

All of them are shining.

That's the only light coming through.

'This is so beautiful.' You whisper.

'I grew them.'

You look at him shocked

'Wow, Draco. Never expected that from you.’

You move closer to him, he holds your waist, smiling.

And you put your hands on his shoulder. You both just sway without any music, just the air whistling. You were having a great time.

'The clouds have gathered' You whisper.

Draco looks up.

'We should leave then, Y/N, I don't want you catching a cold.'

You just shake your head, resting it on his chest.

'Not yet, Draco.' You whisper.

He rests his head on yours.

'Whatever you say, Your Highness.'

You both sway more. Just enjoying each other's presence.

You had no idea you could get this close to him in a short amount of time. You both are hugging each other, and nothing has ever felt more pure.

You feel the wind rustling, and the soft rain drops in the air falling on you two.

Suddenly the rain turns into a downpour.

It takes just 10 seconds to go from peaceful soft raindrops, to soaking you both to the bone in the rain.

'Oh fuck!' Draco exclaims.

You look at him. He takes off his jacket, putting it over your shoulder to give you warmth. You look into his eyes, your hands still on his chest.

He was looking up at the sky, now he's looking into yours.

It's like he sensed your eyes,

and looked down into your brown orbs.

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