"Can you make my tie for me?", asked Stephen, coming inside Atlas's room.

Atlas laughed and took his tie. Stephen was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. He had his designer shoes on and the only thing left to complete his formal look was his tie which Atlas was now making.

They were getting ready for the inauguration. Their fake passes were made and the dress code was formal. Tonight was the big night. They had spent the last two days going over the plan repeatedly. He would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous. They were doing this after so long. And this was huge.

"There you go.”


"Maybe", said Atlas smiling.

Stephen patted his shoulder, "We're going to be alright".

Atlas nodded and looked into the mirror as Stephen left the room. He adjusted his bowtie. He was wearing his favourite tuxedo.

Atlas turned around and went to his cupboard. He opened it and removed all the clothes which were hanging. He then felt for the little bump in the back of the cupboard and as he felt it, pulled it sideways. The back of the cupboard slid to the left and three shelves full of weapons came out.

"Beautiful", Atlas whispered to himself.

There were dozens of guns there which Atlas had used in his previous missions. He was looking for a light weighted pistol as this was going to be a fast mission, as compared to some of their past missions where they had had prolonged gunfights.

He took out the .380 ACP S&W Bodyguard 380. Weighing just 12.3 ounces, it felt perfect in his hands. Atlas put on a suppressor on the gun, took out a few smoke grenades and pushed the rest of the guns inside the cupboard again.

He walked out of his room and down the stairs. He could hear talking from the conference room.

Arnold was talking to the guys when Atlas walked in.

"Great everyone's here. This is it guys. We've gone over the plan multiple times now. I'm expecting this to be a smooth and easy night.We got this. Are you all ready?"

"More than ever", said James.

"We'll meet up back here in a week."

"Let's do this then", said Nathaniel smiling

They all got into a group huddle and hugged each other. They wore their earpieces through which they would communicate, put their guns inside their pants and headed out.

Atlas and Arnold were in his Porsche, while Stephen and James in James's Nissan GT-R. Spencer and Nathaniel were in their own separate cars as they would have to divide later on.

"All the best guys", yelled Spencer as he drove away, closely followed by Nathaniel in his Ferrari.

They gave Spencer and Nathaniel a head start and then left one by one. Atlas looked at Arnold as they started off from the gate.

"Put on some music will you?"


Atlas turned off the engine as Arnold got out of the car. They were near the back gate now. He could see Spencer and Nathaniel's cars on either side of the road behind them. James and Stephen had already parked their cars and were waiting near the gate.

They started walking towards the main gate. They could see four guards near the back gate where they had parked.

There was a crowd outside the gate and another line through which the guests were entering. James waved at them as they neared the queue.

Atlas hugged Arnold and Stephen as they separated into two groups and got into the queue. Atlas took out their fake passes.

"Have a great evening sir", said the guard near the gate as they entered Lincoln Gardens. Atlas could see seats in front of the stage but there was no sign of Foster or Joseph. People were casually walking around the garden since the event hadn't started yet and so Atlas and James slowly made their way to the Security building.

Atlas looked to his left and saw Arnold and Stephen walking towards the chairs.

"Let's wait for it to start", said James.

Atlas nodded and pretended to be on his phone,his peripheral vision looking all around him. He could see about six guards near the stage and two more at the entrance of the building. There were lights over the stage and on the walls around the garden.

Killing the lights would be very effective.

"The security at the back gate is pretty lax", pointed out James.

Atlas looked at the back gate. The four guards were talking to each other and laughing, a stark contrast to the guards near the stage.

"Works for us".

He saw Joseph Kinsley walk up to the stage.

"Please get seated ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Foster will be here soon".

"Go", whispered Atlas.

They walked towards the entrance of the security building. Atlas looked around and took out his gun. James followed suit.

"You ready?",asked James.

Atlas nodded. James put his hand on the knob of the door and pulled it while Atlas simultaneously pointed his gun ahead of him.

"Don't move or I shoot",said Atlas, slowly moving inside the room while James closed the door behind them.

There were five people inside the room. They all raised their hands in the air, frightened beyond belief. There were multiple screens in front of them which showed all the camera footage.

"How do we kill the cams?", asked James.

None of them replied.

"HOW do we kill the cams", he asked again, firmly this time.

The guy who was in the front pointed towards a blue button near the keyboard of the computer.

"And the lights?"

He pointed towards a green button which was at the bottom of the keyboard. Atlas believed him. The man wouldn't lie with two guns in his face.

"Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your evening", said Atlas smiling, shooting him in the middle of his chest and then shooting one of the guys in the back in his head. James shot the others almost at the same time and their bodies fell to the floor in succession. Their suppressors ensured that no noise was made.

James went towards the keyboard and pressed the blue button.

"Cams down", he said in the earpiece.

"All right, wait for the call", came James's reply.

Atlas kicked a body aside and took a seat on one of the chairs. They could faintly hear Joseph speaking on the mic.

All they had to do now was wait.


Arnold looked around as Joseph walked onto the stage. There were two guards on either side of the stage and two behind the stage in front of the building.

"All right, wait for the call".

Joseph looked like he was about to bring Foster on the stage now.

"....our chief guest. He is the candidate for our presidential race. I've known him personally for a while now and believe me, he's not as terrifying as he looks."

There was scattered laughter and Joseph continued.

"Please welcome, Jonathan Foster".

There was clapping now and everyone was looking at the entrance of the building but Foster didn't come out. Joseph waited on the stage for a few seconds and then went towards the building.

Arnold saw the guards talking in their earpieces. One of the guards looked directly at them. He could see one of the guards on the left move down the column of seats. The two guards on the right started walking towards them too.

He looked at James.

"Something's wrong".

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