Chapter 3 - The Act || What is Activism ?


The morning after my encounter with the professor, I discussed my unease with my friends. Even they were worried about this problem that we were suddenly facing. We thought a lot and decided that for the next 8-10 months we would study really hard. After all, we were engineers. We had been trained to innovate and invent in order to fix problems. And this is what we would do.

I started paying more and more attention to my studies. We were taught thoroughly about all kinds of industrial processes. Me and my friends came up with various ideas in order to make these processes more sustainable and environment free. Unfortunately for us, by the time our 4th year ended, the whole nation was stuck in lockdown due to the pandemic.

However, I have been using this time to come up with even more ideas, and of course I have continued to spread my message but now, with some solutions. It is in this time that I have completely understood the true meaning of activism. So dear reader, here I give you my answer to the question, “what is activism?”- according to me, activism does not come from the word active; it comes from the word act. Activism does not mean a group of people protesting or demonstrating against or for something. In its true sense, it is an act; an act by people who not only have the ability to raise their voice, but can also come up with real solutions. We need thinkers, innovators, scientists, engineers, economists, and most importantly, dreamers, who not only want to save the world, but those who actually can and will save it.

Over these years, I also have faced another question from many people, and you will too and that is, “Do you really think that you can save this world from such a huge crisis?” Unlike the answer in activism, this answer of mine is very simple, “I don’t know whether I’ll be able to save the world. But that’s no reason to stop trying.”


Author ~ Manas Mehta

Editor ~ Prisha Budhiraja

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