"Kill the lights. NOW"

James jumped up from his chair and pushed the green button. There was a low buzz for a few seconds and then the lights in the security building went off.

"Let's go", said Atlas.

They stepped out of the building and started running towards the back gate. It was really dark now and the stage could only be seen as an outline. They could see the street lights outside which were outlining the back gate.

Atlas looked to his left. People were standing up and looking around to see what had happened. He couldn't see Arnold or Stephen through the darkness. As they were reaching the back gate they heard shots from the crowd. People were screaming now.

The guards near the back gate took out their guns and started moving towards the stage. One of the guards saw them and yelled loudly to alert the others. James killed him before he could even point the gun at them.

Atlas shot another one in the head and then rolled down on the ground, a bullet whizzing past him. Lying on the ground he shot the third guard in his groin, while James killed the last one.

Atlas got up and started running again. His adrenaline was pumping now. He could hear screams everywhere but didn't know what was happening. He had only one thing in mind. Reaching the back gate.

"Arnold?", he said in the earpiece as he reached the gate but there was no reply. He heard more shots and looked behind. Arnold and Stephen were running towards him, covering each other. Atlas fired shots in the darkness behind them as they continued running.

"GO GO GO", yelled Stephen as they neared him.

Atlas threw a smoke grenade towards the stage and ran out. James had already pulled out his car and was bringing it to the gate. Atlas raced towards his car as Stephen got into James's car. He opened it up and reversed his car. He could hear police sirens now. The police would be here any second now. He honked loudly at Arnold to get into the car and then accelerated towards the road where Nathaniel and Spencer were waiting.

James and Stephen were just ahead of them.

"Let's go, let's go!", yelled Arnold in the earpiece and Atlas saw Spencer and Nathaniel's cars come out on the road behind them in his rearview.

"What happened?",asked Atlas, racing his car. The road was surprisingly empty.

"Someone warned them"

"Wait so didn't you kill Foster?"

"We'll talk about it later", replied Arnold in a low voice.

Atlas could see blue and red lights behind them now, the police were nearing them.

"Take it easy Atlas. Only three more miles to go"

The police sirens were louder now. He could see cars behind them. Spencer slammed a car to the right and it went crashing into a grocery store. One of the cars accelerated ahead and pushed Spencer to the right. Nathaniel was busy blocking two cars and couldn't do anything as the police car accelerated towards them.

Atlas opened the right window and slowed down for the car to catch up with them. As the car came next to them, Arnold pulled out his gun and pointed it towards the car.

"Good evening officer", said Arnold smiling and shooting him through his window dead between the eyes. The car went tumbling to the right and hit a streetlight.

"Two more miles", yelled James in the earpiece.

Atlas looked behind. The police cars were gaining on them. Spencer was now struggling with two cars, while Nathaniel was slowly being pushed to the side by two cars. Atlas slowed down and reversed the car.

"Brace yourselves", he said.

Arnold wrapped his hands around the assist grip as Atlas bumped into one of the police cars pushing Nathaniel. The driver of the car was pushed behind in his seat and fell behind as Nathaniel broke free from the other car.

"Go ahead. We'll manage",said Atlas in the earpiece.

Nathaniel raced ahead and joined James's car. He could hear helicopters now. He could see more police cars coming from behind them.

"It's going to be a close one", said Arnold.

Atlas nodded and slammed another car coming up from the left. He took out his gun, put his upper body outside the window, turned around and shot the driver of the car behind them. The car went to the right, taking two other police cars with it.

"SPENCER. GO FOR THE TYRES", yelled Arnold from the window, completely ignoring the fact that they had earpieces.

Spencer put his head out of the car and shot one of the front tyres of the car behind them. The tyre deflated and the car flipped over, landing on top of another car.

Arnold pointed his gun at the toppled car and shot it's engine, creating a huge explosion and allowing Spencer to break free.

"WOW", said Atlas laughing. That was a very impressive shot considering the speed at which they were moving.

"About five hundred yards now", said Nathaniel.

Atlas smiled. He could still see cars behind them but he knew it was over now. They would split up and the police wouldn't know what to do.

Suddenly, just as James was nearing the 'T', he skidded to a stop.

"What the hell",said Atlas, pressing on the brakes just as Nathaniel stopped in front of him. His car was inches behind Nathaniel's.

Atlas looked over Nathaniel's car. He could see blue and red lights. The 'T' was blocked by a hoard of police cars. He looked behind and started to reverse but the cars behind them had stopped and were blocking the road. There was no way he would be able to go through them.

They were trapped.

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