Chapter 6 || Where is Sam?


The ancient scriptures were very intriguing. Halley read them and explained them to her brother, their world underwent a transformation. Everything they used to think, every fragment of the world revolving around them changed. Bodies were frozen, they couldn’t move their limbs. Their faces were washed white with shock. Shabby handwritten text on stained yellow parchment paper read,

“ Tempus, a town which was a part of the submerged mountain range was teeming with anomalies ever since it emerged out of water. ‘Tempus’ is a Latin word for time. It practically symbolizes a sand clock. What happens when the sand from the upper conical half drips into the lower one? Time passes. It is a fabric laid all over the world. As time progresses, people are born, they grow up and eventually they die. The anomaly about Tempus is that the time fabric over it has taken a shape of the sand clock. With each grain passing from the upper glass to the lower one, a person passes away too. The lower glass and upper glass are almost the same. Similarly, the world that exists underneath Tempus is a reflection of it. But it is a better place, a place which is protected from all the evil powers. In short, it is a paradise. However, there is a condition for everyone who doesn’t deserve a perfect life in paradise. Folks who have held on to the roots of humanity throughout their life, who have had good intentions, and who spread love and kindness during their lifetime get a place in the lower Tempus to live a worry-free life.

To maintain the balance in nature, a tremor occurs when such a good person passes away and enters the lower Tempus every time. There are a few people in the lower Tempus, who manage the comfort the newcomers there. People who die wake up in a world which mirrors the real Tempus. Hence they are perplexed. Lowering the levels of their confusion and calming them down is the duty of these guides. Guides were the first few people who entered this paradise when Tempus emerged as a town. They are well versed in history.

And how do I know this? It’s because death has knocked on the door of my life multiple times. Before I let her in, I noted this down to spread the word and enlighten the future generations………………...

Halley had stopped reading here. “Harry, are you following my train of thought?”, she asked after recovering from the shock. “Yeah. I still find it hard to believe. But well, there is proof. Mom’s intentions were always good, she helped people and never expected anything in return. She gave them a chance to voice their opinions. Also, the tremor after she died explains everything.”, he replied. The siblings felt the Saudade running up their veins, they missed her. But they were glad because she was now living in a better and a happier place. Meanwhile, in the lower Tempus.

Sam had settled into her new life by now. She hadn’t given up her helpful nature, even though she was living in a paradise. She heard a knock on the door. Chris offered to get the door. He had been living there to help Sam get through the shock she experienced after discovering the mystery about Tempus. He was a great guide for her. “ Here’s someone who wants to meet you, Sam.”, he said. Sam was astonished to see Kekat at her doorstep. “ You are the same old woman who warned me about my death, right?”, she asked. Kekat replied, “ That’s right, my dear. It’s about time we have a talk.”


Author ~ Pranoti Abhyankar

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