Chapter One - Selection Day

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‘You never realise the importance of something unless you’ve lost it’. Gosh I have heard this line so many times now, can the Prime Minister, for once, say something original? Hi by the way, I am Sebastin, an outlander. You see, today marks the 100th year of doomsday, the day our ancestors consumed everything in the world and left nothing for the future. Selfish creatures I say, they left nothing but a lot of plastic wastage and used oxygen masks for us.

Society itself has ruptured but societal division somehow still has remained. Our ancestors could never rise above the prejudice and I expect no different from this generation.

The sovereign divided the population into the High-Landers, the Mid-Landers, and the Out- Landers. The high-landers consist of Very Important Identities like the Prime Minister. They are treated like gods by everyone. Their ancestors had saved the world from almost total doom. For example, the descendants of Greta Thunberg. The Mid-landers consist of the descants of the people who did nothing and were bystanders- who caused neither harm nor benefit. The outlanders are the outcasts, we are the descendants of nuclear scientists and industrialists, among other “destroyers”. Our ancestors were the people who caused all of this unfortunate mess! Hey look, I know my ancestor signed out of the Paris Agreement but it isn't my fault that he had the brain of a duck!

Well, it has been a century since this system was declared, everyone is born into their class, and sadly there is no changing that, no one dares to go against the sovereign. Every fifth year on selection day, which coincidentally is also celebrated today,the prime minister does a ‘lucky draw’ and chooses or forces the next 4 people who’ll find the cure! A parchment every year decides the future! Yay! The very ropes of justice!

“Ladies and gentlemen, here to choose our first hero, I introduce my son, Lapis Green” said the Prime Minister.

Lapis is such a drama queen, just look at him slowly turning and selecting a chit. Just choose already! We don't have all day to stare at your hot face! Did I just call Lapis hot? Looks like someone will need to visit the ophthalmologist later. Ugh.

“Sebastian Trump, Outlander, first hero.” said Lapis bitterly.


Authors ~ Anubhi S & Aditya I

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