Chapter Two - Hero?

Updated: Mar 1

As I stood on the stage in uncomfortable silence, the crowd looked at me with disgust and hatred. I was the heir to the infamous legacy of those who have made this world into the toxic cesspool it is now. Most people were against putting someone like me into projects for bettering our condition, thinking that we will only ruin it, like our ancestors did. I was wondering whether their next step was throwing tomatoes at me or boo-ing further, but thankfully Lapis moved on to the next ‘hero’.

I shyly stood next to Lapis, my heart racing like a Ferrari. I swallowed some spit to keep my throat from running dry as Lapis stepped forward again to call out the names of the others. Another High-lander by the name of Rashida was picked, who just so happens to be a good friend of Lapis and a highlander. The crowd erupted in joy and hope. Yup, noooo bias there.

The other members were Mid-landers, the people chosen though were on the contrary of the average Mediocre. Iris and Neith, were actually helping hands around the city. Goodness knows how but they provided and scavenged for food and water, especially to the outcasts, when even an association with us is considered a taboo. Their contribution was always more than what was expected of them but they received no appreciation or recognition. After all, the media can not see beyond the "happening" lives of the high-landers. No one except us, outcasts, recognized them.

Unpopular opinion but they work way better than Lapis and Rashida combined and those two are soon supposed to be running this post-apocalyptic city.

We all stood together, looking at the crowd who stared at the lucky heroes or were they staring at me? All eyes in the whole damn field were on me. Lapis probably saw an opportunity to humiliate me as he gently pushed me forward and said, “Come on. Say a speech.” The expectant crowd looked at me, probably to say some cliché words like “I won't be like my forefathers” and all.

I just said, “I’d rather do than say, if you know what I mean.”

I looked around and saw a few faces of surprise from the crowd and I grinned as I knew I had made a dent and then I locked my eyes with him. Lapis looked at me and sneered. Boy, was that sneer ugly! Almost made his attractive face look hideous.

“I’m proud to present before you all, this year’s Defenders of the Earth. Lapis Green and Rashida Thunberg from High Land, Iris and Neith Willams from Midland, last but not the least Sebastian Trump, an outcast. The future of our planet fortunately rests in their hands.” said the Prime Minister. I swear I heard sass and taunts in his speech.

We were guided or in my case dragged by the arms to a room. Ah, an idealistic special treatment to the crowd’s most favorite hero. As soon as I entered, I saw him. He looked so proud, smiling as bright as ever but there was just one thought running in my mind “Why Dad, why did you have to put my name in the lottery box?”

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