When I was a kid, I remember my grandfather telling me to live these valuable moments to the fullest. He often told me, “Childhood is that one story that stands by itself in every soul. It is our choice how we create that story.” As a kid, I never understood the significance of it. I always envied my elders, for they could drive, eat fast food whenever they wanted to, not having to give tests and now when I think of it, I laugh because it was so so foolish of me to think that.

When I take a stroll in my garden with a smartphone in my hand and earphones as my sole companion, I gaze at the little kids playing hide and seek in and around the bushes which drives me to my nostalgic memories, the recollection of those moments when I didn’t have a gadget in my hand; when we ran and fell; when we felt the swiftness of the wind as we jumped on the trampoline; swinging, sliding and climbing. The whole world was our oyster . We didn’t care about “ University Admissions “ or the fear of failure. We weren’t tucked in our beds with a pile of textbooks waiting for us to cram. “THOSE WERE THE DAYS”. We would live the life we chose. We would fight and never lose, for we were young and sure to have our way.


Author: Akanksha Rai

Editor: Diya Chakraborty

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