Childhood Robbed


She looked out of the window, as a tear rolled down her lipstick stained cheek. How she envied the kids that were receiving sweets from that journalist below. A sudden thud brought her to her senses. She looked over her shoulder at the closed door. Step by step, she reached the bed, smiling sarcastically at the 500 rupee note that lay on the unkempt bedsheet. Her smile turned into a grin, then a chuckle and then laughter, before exploding into a fit of screams and shouts, tears flowing unhindered. She was 15, locked in a cage, her childhood stolen forever.

His hands, full of bruises and cuts, were black from the mixture that once had exploded, disfiguring a part of his face. The wicked man that walked with a limp, after a thorough look at the boy, decided he was fit to work as his eyes could see. Yes, the boy could see, he could see that there is no mercy for a child whose parents are in debt. Figuring out that he had nothing to lose, he got back to work to earn the little food he got at night. He did figure out something else as well, he was 10 and his childhood was lost.

Nearly 3 out of every 4 children are deprived of their childhood every year worldwide. A child lost is a country’s future lost. Nothing can be merrier than childhood, but what happens when childhood turns out to be a trauma for the rest of your life?

Let us not steal their childhood. Let us not deprive them of their birthright to a happy and fun filled childhood. Instead, we should allow them to devour the joys derived from paving their paths to their dreams and aspirations.


Author: Debosmita Routh

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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