Childhood: The most beautiful period of our life.


By just hearing the word or thinking of it, so many memories gush through the heart, all the sweet faces appear in front of our eyes, those innocent games we played and of course the scolding from our loved ones.

"Those were the times!". All of us have heard this either from our grandparents or parents. I agree with that statement, as those were the real golden days. Their childhood is worth remembering, playing with friends in summer, going out with families, helping the neighborhood, the get togethers on festivals and so on.

However, it has changed now, this generation has created a whole new meaning of childhood- the children are busy on their phones, they are pressured by their teachers and also some parents, the anxiety, the need to be successful in this competitive world is the reason they don’t enjoy their childhood, as it is meant to be.


Author: Nidhi Gundecha

Editor: Jia Bakshi

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