Childhood: the state or period of being a child.


A person cherishes their childhood memories no matter how tough or sorrowful they are and that is because these memories are all that they have left with them now from that time. When we look back and smile as we relive those moments as memories, we might get sad doing so but memories are an important part of us, they make us who we are today.

Everyone becomes a teenager and then an adult over a period of time but I don't think any of us loses the child within us and I realize that while I look at my mom fighting with me for her favorite ice cream , when I see my grandfather buying cotton candy for me and using it as an excuse to have a bite of something he has a hundred of stories binding with.

Most of you who are reading this right now have your own childhood stories, you have lived them and you wouldn't mind reliving them if that were possible.

Do you remember those ice popsicles everyone used to get for 5 rupees on a hot day of summer? Going down to play telling your mom that you would be back in an hour but never returning on time because your friends and that park in front of your house meant happiness to you. It's just these small things that make you happy; reliving these memories when something reminds you of those moments, even if it is in the middle of a chaotic day. But today, when you have grown to be a responsible person; you have all these responsibilities and no time to go down to the park once again and sit on that swing pretending to be in a bollywood movie with no worries. Maybe, take some time off, go down, play with sand, have that ice popsicle and play that board game which is kept on top of your cupboard gathering dust. Relive the moments which have always brought a smile on your face, it's never too late to start living again.


Author: Jia Bakshi

Editor: Achala Athreya

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