Cinderella - The Reality

Updated: Jun 30, 2021


Let me tell you the truth for I was there, fairytales aren’t always as magical as they seem.

Cold. That’s how everyone present in the ball had described them but it was justified. As per me, fate had been the most cruel to them after all. For he was neglected by his parents and she was orphaned and left with a cruel stepmother.

Although it was not customary for invitations to request a special attire, least of all for a luncheon in the country, the women wore evening gowns and precious jewels and most of the men were dressed in dinner jackets with black ties, and some even wore frock coats. All were dressed to impress, except them.

No there was no waving of the wand, no mice turned into horses, rather just like a normal teenager, Cinderella was dragged to a social gathering by her step mother and the prince was forced to dress up leaving his PS4 controller or at that time his swords behind.

There she stood in her simple yet elegant grey gown happily unnoticed, satisfied in her own private bubble, if someone accidentally ever caught a sight of her, they called her nothing but a beauty, and here he raised another toast showcasing his twisted and sadistic behavior in his black tie tuxedo.

Soon everyone started moving towards the ballroom. He searched the room until he locked his eyes with a certain lady enjoying the company of herself. He offered his hand to her to be his partner. Something in her just couldn’t refuse so she agreed. It was as if their cold ice hearts just melted.

He guided her across the dance floor as if they were in a dream. He kept his eyes on her, yet still, he knew exactly where to take her. Every moment, every angle seemed to be planned in advance. Nothing felt forced; she literally thought she was floating.

The applause of the audience died down as she tried to ignore the stares they received. At last, she and her partner took their places and waited for the soft flow of music to begin. Once it started, they took a step forward and bowed. They circled each other, their gazes remained locked. He placed his hand on her back, her hand on his shoulder, and their free hands finally met. Together, they danced to the music, their feet in perfect sync to the beating of her heart. As the song progressed she felt relaxed, and allowed a small smile to form on her lips. He was perfect. His eyes, black as the night sky, were deep and irresistible.

She whispered, “Everyone is looking at us.”

He squeezed her hand slightly and smiled. “Really,” he chuckled softly, “I haven’t noticed.”

With that, they both knew. They need not say more. Their heart, their whole being was now each other’s and each other's alone. They both felt something unknown, affection, love.

He asked,

“Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?”

She whispered,

“Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?”

That day at midnight it wasn’t her shoe that Cinderella left behind, it was rather the emotional baggage she was feeling. The prince didn’t visit every house to find if the shoe fit but he rather tried to figure out the definition that fit his unknown feelings .

Now don’t get me wrong, there was magic, there was magic in the way he in a room full of people only saw her and how she immediately felt safe in his arms. He was her dark fairytale and she was his twisted fantasy and together they made magic.

For she was loneliness and he was sadness. For who says opposites attract? It's the sense of safety we feel in similarities.


Author: Anubhi Editor: Diya

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