City of Stars

Can you feel it?

The stars all around us?

The moon glowing behind you, making a halo.

Or maybe you just are my Guardian angel.

No, you are my Guardian angel

And I am yours,

Now and forever

Just like how you are mine.

We are dancing in the night.

Our feet have felt the ground, but we never noticed, never cared.

as we were together, in each other's arms, exactly where we were meant to be.

I can see it in your smile, feel it as your heart beats in time with mine.

As our breath mimics the tempo of the song,

Our song

The one song we can slow-dance to all night long.

City of Stars

~A look in somebody's eyes~

~To light up the skies~

~To open the world and send them reeling~

Your hand in mine,

Your eyes more beautiful than this moment

We pace up and do our jumpy and silly choreography,

Swinging and bopping in place.

This is heaven.

I love you and I know you love me.

And we are exactly where we are meant to be.

Author: Iffah

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