Cold Winter


With the onset of December comes the whiff of cold breeze, snow on the tops and the unforgettable foggy mornings spent in cozy blankets, and not to forget, the unending supply of hot chocolate, aka the ultimate winter survival kit.

Whenever I think of the winter, festive Christmas spirits, warm fuzzy clothes and chills of snowball fights hit my mind. While all of us are used to spending the season comfortably nested in our homes, the last two winters have been quite different.

Last year, we had many people protesting all over the country, against the CAA and this year, we are witnessing one of the biggest protests ever witnessed by mankind – The Farmer’s Protest. The providers who spend day and night growing food for the entire nation have to fight in order to be heard. Is this what they deserve?

Every person has the right to be heard, and so do our farmers. Had they not spent their lives in farms, we would be starving. While the winter might be cold, their spirits are hotter than ever.


Author: Nidhi Gundecha Editor: Janki N

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