Colorful lives

Isn’t there such a variance of colors in people’s lives?

Some wear black with a royal blue dial,

Some have a warm pink with a tinge of fire within

Some have oranges and lime green in their bellies….

While some are contrasting to the forest greens and browns.

Some have dark green in their wallets but are full of darkness within,

While some don’t have wallets but have a spectrum of life within.

While some people are on the violet path, to discover a whole new dimension of life,

Some have radiant blues to life, and some are like the grey clouds.

There is a red you become one with, and there is a red you become beware of!

Time for some is dark, and for some it's blue, like an October sky!

But time is actually white, and the light is always bright

And it’s the law of life that everything will be alright!!

Author: Hirday Lakhwani

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