I woke up, startled from something that seemed like an explosion. Still half asleep, I went to check if Mum knew what had happened. I was stunned to find her fast asleep. I tried waking her up but it was in vain.

“Wait a minute…. something’s not right!” I mean, why didn’t I notice it before?

Everything around me seemed to be in monochrome. I felt as if I had stepped into a 1960s movie. Had I gone colorblind?

The first thing I could think of was calling people I knew. My friends were first on the list. The amount of time every one of them took to pick up was proof that they were still asleep. But one thing was for sure- the world had gone monochrome.

After a good two hours, my friends and I met downstairs as planned.

Firstly, we put together the information we already knew-

1. The world has gone monochrome.

2. All the adults and babies are asleep for some reason.

Next, all of us sat down and split ourselves into two teams and assigned tasks to ourselves. One team would call other people they know and come together as a group (the more in this situation, the better).

The other team was responsible for brainstorming. We were all busy racking our brains for a possibly sane reason for this. I felt that if we knew the reason, we would be able to get closer to finding the solution. Only a minute or so had passed when suddenly all our phones began ringing. This was more creepy than surprising because all of them rang at the same time!

We picked up hesitantly and put it on speaker.

A grim voice then said, “HELLO HOMO SAPIENS! ALSO CALLED HUMAN BEINGS. I BELIEVE ALL THE GROWN UPS AND BABIES ARE ASLEEP? ALSO, HAVE THE COLORS DRAINED?” not hearing an answer, he continued... “I WILL TAKE THAT AS A YES NOW! ARE YOU TROUBLED?? YOU ARE, RIGHT?”, he said in an over-excited tone. “WELL, HERE’S A CLUE- THERE’S A TREASURE AT THE END OF A RAINBOW. Well then, GOOD LUCK”, and the call ended. We were too perplexed to speak for some time when finally, one of us broke the stunned silence by saying, “We need to find a rainbow, I guess…”

Murmurs of agreement rose and we felt a sense of achievement as we finally had a goal now.

The question now was how were we going to find a rainbow if we couldn’t see colours?

Nevertheless, we split ourselves in teams of two and set out for different places in the city according to the weather (rainy areas). Even though I had been through this part of the town quite a few times, it felt as if I was seeing it for the first time. It was breathtaking! We marched forward with little information and high hopes.

1, 2, 3 …... 4. It had been four hours and not a single rainbow was in sight. Even if it was, we couldn’t see it.

The sun would set in another hour or so...but, just as we had lost all our hopes, it rained. The sun shone and a rainbow was formed. WE COULD SEE!

We immediately ran towards the place it seemed to be touching the field.


There were a lot of colours visible and the world was no longer colourless!

We were still trying to figure out the meaning of it, when it suddenly clicked.

It’s Holi! We need to play.

Forgetting all our worries, we played Holi to our heart’s extent. The sun was now about to set.

The colours slowly came back.

I remember it being the most beautiful sunset of my life. Not only was this exciting, I learned the importance of the colours we all have in our lives.


Author: Vasundhara Khare

Editor: Anushka Saxena

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