Colours are something

Ryan's world had lacked colour for as long as he could remember.

Yes, he was familiar with the rigid black mass that was the ground, the white blobs of clouds in the sky stealing spotlight from the vast grey space behind. But his mother told him color was something so much more.

The trees are green,

Fire flaming red,

The earth is dark brown like your eyes.

It was hard to imagine something without reference. For him, green was just another shade of grey, slightly lighter than the trunk. Fire was just a hot flickering white thing. He spent time in front of the mirror and tried to find another meaning of brown, one that wasn’t dark like a hole, to peek into his brain.

When he was younger he often used to think about it, what meeting his soulmate would be like, what colours he'd see first, where and how they would meet, how they would react. At 23, Ryan had given up any hope of finding his soulmate and came to terms with the fact that he might never find them.

He groaned as the loud alarm woke him up and walked to the bathroom to brush his teeth and get ready for work. He revised the day's schedule as he fixed his hair in the mirror. He took a different route to work today.

Blue was the first color he noticed, his beautiful blue eyes. He was on a cycle, moving towards him with his friends. They locked eyes and his world came to life. The sky changed from hues of white and gray to clear blue with cottony clouds and bright yellow sunlight. He saw the green of the grass for the first time, the brown soil that his mother had compared to his eyes. Colour was indeed so much more.

Author: Ansuhka Saxena

Editor: Eeshpal Singh

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