Come Sin With Me

Come Sin with me.

Lay wrapped in my satin sheets

and embrace me with the passion of a thousand burning hearts.

Come Sin with me.

Burn the world down as we avenge our pains

and hold our heads high as we watch the flames reach the sky.

Come Sin with me.

As we while away our time watching sunrise after sunset

and envy those who have more than we do.

Come sin with me.

Let us allow our anger to take over and lash out at each other

and slash each other’s throats in the greed for more.

Come Sin With me.

As I glance through the darkness towards the Glistening Morning Sun

As we prance towards the future;

Waking up next to each other,

In times Grim and Pale,

In times Disastrous and Plagued.

Come Sin with me.

As we break the notions of togetherness,

And write new tales of forever.

Come sin with me.

As the night retires,

And Life spreads its wings,

Filling our hearts with pride.

Come Sin with me.

Authors: Zoyah Virani and Aryan Sonsale

Editor: Saptaparna Chakraborty

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