Coming out to Uncle Clint

Yelena:- So, how’s that partner of yours? What’s her name-

Clint:- Kate bishop. And please, you know her name.

Yelena:- Yeah, but pissing you off is so much more fun.

Clint:- Very funny. The answer is she is currently out for an international level archery competition. Why’d you ask?

Yelena:- Pass me the pasta

(Clint passes her the pasta)

Yelena:- That’s good, she is quite good at-

Clint:- Listen Yelena. I have known you long enough to know you want to say something. Spill.

Yelena:- Does it ever get old?

Clint:- What?

Yelena:- Being an agent and knowing everything?

Clint:- No. And don’t dodge the question. Spill.

Yelena:- Well I think I am attracted to her.

Clint:- Oh is that so? Well she isn’t a minor, and she can handle your moods, so I don’t see an issue.

Yelena:- It’s a ‘woman’ I am attracted to and you don’t see an issue?

Clint:- No Yelena. That isn’t an issue.

Yelena:- But why?

Clint:- Because your mind makes you think it’s wrong to love someone other than someone from the opposite gender. Whereas being an avenger has taught me you love a soul and a heart. No matter what the person is like. I mean, look, your sister loved a man who turned huge!

Yelena snickered:- Isn’t that a good thing?

Clint:- No Yelena, please don’t.

Yelena and Clint start laughing.

Clint:- See, Vision was half robot. Tony had a machine attached to him. Thor is a maddening god. Gamora was a green, umm, something. Yet they found love. You are at least choosing a human being.

Yelena:- You are right. Thank you Clint.

Clint:- And, Natasha would have wanted to you to be happy.

Yelena smiled at him.

Authors: Iffah and Prachi Saini

Editor: Jaenil Parekh

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