Confessions from Anonymous

To you, confessions are a piece of information- the truth. You confess when you feel a strong urge to come clean. You confess when you want the truth to set you free, but confessions to me have been presented somewhat differently. Of course, I am from Pune. If Mumbai is the city of dreams, Pune is the city of clout chasing teens. It is the city of baseless rumours and humorous lies. The city where I will share pieces of your life through a shady Instagram profile.

In Pune, rather than talking to each other, we enjoy talking about each other, and if the story is quite interesting we feel like telling it to everybody through ‘confession pages’.

It is true, every school has one of these, and it’s fun being the centre of attention - until it’s not.

“Did you hear what they’re saying about you?”Anusha asked, concern laced in her tone. I knew what she was referring to and I did not want to talk about it. My parents knew and now the whole school was about to.

I unlocked my phone to see an unexpected number of notifications. I didn't want to read the comments. I had to do something about this, I can't let this get out of hand, I thought. So I texted him, knowing very well that he would deny it.

The text on that post that read: MYRA IS A LESBIAN FOR YUSHI had been staring at me all day. I couldn’t handle the homophobia and mean jokes anymore.

Arnav Singh & Myra Sharma

Myra: Hey.

Arnav: Hi, care to explain why I’ve been tagged in that post?

Myra: Weren't you the one who spread that rumour? Care to explain that?

Arnav: I have a life, I would never snoop into anyone’s business like that. I swear I didn’t take that picture.

Myra: There's no point in denying this. I know it was you.

Arnav: Honestly, I wouldn’t have done that to anyone. Let alone a girl I barely know.

I knew it was him so there wasn’t any point in confronting him, I thought. But that night, Arnav took a piece of me and I would never forgive him for it. I left him on ‘seen’ and switched off my phone.

He had seen Yushi and I outside the Ladies’ room. We did nothing I swear. I wish we had done something, but Yushi never liked me like that. Her head was on my shoulder, I enjoyed the warmth of her so I allowed my hand to cradle her. I don’t know what he thought he saw but it wasn’t like that.

My friends saw it, my parents saw it, and now no one would see me the same way again. Yushi, too, didn't want to be around me. All of a sudden, my reputation at school changed and people around me behaved like I was diseased.

After all, our school’s confessions page deemed me the lesbian of the school, and she wouldn’t want to hold that title with me even if she could.

Authors: Vedant Vaswani and Chinmai Gokule

Editor: Anousha Ambar

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