Confessions of an Escapist

I ain't staying in a place.

This reality, I won't embrace.

It's a thought I wanna displace,

a memory I wanna erase.

“Face it and it'll fade”,

that's what they say.

Little do they know,

that on me, it has weighed.

It's everyday I hustle,

to keep me from internal tussle.

Sometimes I can't move a muscle

the other days, I can't control the bustle

Venting? Well, I have tried it.

Would be elated if it worked a bit,

Nothing deems fit;

I still feel like shit.

The devil's kiss awaits,

the moment I surrender.

The mind baits

it’s acceptance, it wants to engender.

Fed up of it all,

I turn to a psychedelic.

Take a hit,

and the world feels angelic.

I don't have to think no more

but the trip is fading.

Let's score more

so that it's still serenading.

I find peace in music,

I find it amusing.

At least it covers those voices

which scream 'CRISIS!'

A book becomes my best friend;

Sometimes I don't want it to end.

More than reality, it's fiction where I bend

in retrospect, it's more of a trend.

I'd binge Netflix all night

and sleep through the day,

won't sit peacefully and upright

fearing what my mind would say.

I turn to a page, a blank one;

It's strange, it's no more fun,

it's a gun to my head that I need.

I want someone to do the deed

end this misery, cover me in a crepe

and finally let me escape.

Author: Siddhansh Agarwal

Editor: Aastha Mahajan

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