Confessions of An Indian Student

I’m expecting to learn all the definitions for the words you use, and this subject has to offer me, whether you provide them to the class, in a glossary, or not! I expect to learn each of these concepts to full conceptual understanding. I’m expecting to learn all the basic principles of this subject well enough to align the subject, whether you teach them to us, and align the subject for us, or not. I’m expecting to learn what is true or false in this subject, even if you teach something false and require it to be answered that way on your tests. I’m expecting to learn how to apply this knowledge to real-life situations and problems, from the viewpoint of someone that can solve any problem. I’m expecting to learn the precision skills and technology that are known to this subject, that I value, well enough to produce the results that can be achieved with this subject, and that I can add to, as my special flair.

I am willing to learn anything of value you can show us as a class. I am willing to learn what makes up the human body or the permutations and combinations of the outcomes of winning the lottery with a set of digits. I am willing to learn the speed and trajectory of the ball launched in a circus or the nuances of the consumer market and its response to price changes. I am ready to be a lab rat in the New Education Policy experiment. And I am ready to sacrifice my mental health and my well-being whilst you expect me to meander through the endless tide of different exams. I am willing to learn whatever you believe could help me out in the real world. But I want you to teach me everything. Not simply what ‘you’ believe is of importance, but what ‘I’ would truly need to grow as a student and a person. And most importantly, I want you to involve me, show me. I want you to mold me into one who could bring about change and lead the world towards a better future, towards utopia. So, I do not simply ‘want’ to learn. I ‘need’ to learn.

Authors: Anubhi Srivatasva and VR Kapse

Editor: Charu Sabharwal

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