“Confessions” - Revealing the True Self

There is this heartache in me that I have been carrying around for quite a while. I have never shared it as the thought itself sends chills down my spine. “What would they think?”, “What would their reaction be?”, “Should I just hide it forever?” So many internal debates are eating me up inside.

Confessions- if I have to describe is a bittersweet feeling, without confessing you are not content, but after confessing you are still not content- why? Because even the smallest feelings you hide, when they come to light, expose you, and it may seem like you’ve taken out a burden but it tends to hurt you. Your secret becomes an essential part of your life, confessing it will hurt so many loved ones around you. Now what I've said so far seems fathomable but I need to confess that without confessions you are incomplete, just like without secrets you are incomplete. There's a balance and a way to go about anything; and here it pops again - that there is a very thin balance between confessing and letting your thoughts eat you up. As you keep living, learning, there will be a time where you'd like to confess, your thoughts will wonder, “Is my age asking for a confession?”. We human beings are so distinctive, we think; we are curious which tends to lead to overthinking, your thoughts take a toll on you. Your entire being is relentlessly fighting with itself, the heart and mind pulling you in different directions.

Coming back to the fact, if you're not in a jungle of complicated thoughts, are you even human? “Confessions” are the very essence of living. There will be times you'll hide and there will be special people in your life that you'll confess to, and that is how life goes. Confessing is resilient, but once done it gives you inner peace. So how about telling one special person about how you feel, let them know, confess your thoughts? Let your secret out, take a step forward to attaining inner peace.

Author: Swasti Tyagie

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