Could 2020 be any more…

Author: Kshitij Nahar


December 2020,

In July all that has happened in 2020 felt like a really bad nightmare, but now, on a cold December dusk, it just hit me, how real it is…

It’s a December dusk as I sit typing this in the cold and rain outside. The corona virus still on the loose like predator on prowl and there seams to be close to no hope to stop this virus anytime soon. During 2020 one of the few things I have comprehended of life is how much those friends (who are oddly the best people in the world for you) matter. Most of us are locked up in our houses and are crazing over to meet them friends, or at least I am. I have not met my friends for about the past eight months now, we are connected over Instagram and WhatsApp though; but that just isn’t the same connection.

Opposed to the vague boring classes, I very well remember those breaks during classes where you sit gossiping about all the tea in school or how you end up in detention far too often. With online school it’s, it’s just not the same. Staring at that screen for six & a half hours straight with no gossip and oddly the remorse of no detention is driving me crazy; and ironically I am typing this on that same screen. During this time I have learnt that these friends are priceless. The time we spent being punished was together; the good times we had, we had together; and all the amazing memories we had, we now realise how important they are. Nowadays, the 1 AM vague chats have very well increased, apart from talking about how boring our love lives are, now the tea is that one friend in a relationship; or that friend who roams around too much,; or just the usual “My life sucks” conversation.

It’s just amazing how someone can have a great laugh in the correct company, even if it’s over chat in this circumstance. On the contrary its just as amazing how even a little bit of warmth and love or a little affection can make us swell and drop a tear these days, more so for me. For the people who play sports it’s jolly good a time now, because sports academies are slowly opening up. I play tennis. I go to that typical tennis court where there are the ones who always fools around, the very serious players and then the one pretty girl. I am that one person who is socially the jolly

guy and on the court, well, not so much. There are far too less players though due to covid. Anyways.

2020 has made changes, for good or for the worse is for you to decide. 2020 has changed me for sure, it has changed my perspective towards life. The thing is that life is thin as a thread, sometimes you are lucky while sometimes you are better off dead. Your first breath is taken and off you go into the streamline of chaos treading this world; and growing older; you long for tomorrow while you live each day as your last. Now it has come to a point where your life is at cross-roads and you watch as it slips through your hands. You shout in vain and denial at the sky but no-one hears you and your words only echo inside. Just hold onto your life down to the wire, and off you’ll go into the fire. “Could 2020 be any more…” is for you to decide; me? I just wait for what is to happen, and hold on to my life, because a friend once told me— Life if too precious to loose, and you are lucky to have it…

Could 2020 be any more… is for you to decide, is a sentence for you to complete

P.S.— Chandler Bing would surely have something to say…


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