Dada’s Chai Tapri


“Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you. Then you will see your own light as radiant as the full moon.”

~Rumi (In the arms of the Beloved)

“You’re always talking about your grand escape, aren’t you?”

“Always! Always thinking about it, dreaming about it. Always wanting to.”


“I’m not sure, I don’t know yet.”

“But why?”

“Don’t we all want to?”

“Wasn’t the point of this all to create a life which didn’t need too much escaping from?”

“What is life about anyway? Nothing but a struggle to be someone. Nothing but a running from your own silence.”

“Come on Rumi! You can’t keep quoting your namesake in every conversation.” Silence.

The sound of the duo sipping the last of their tea from cutting chai glasses. The rustling of paper money and the jingling of coins. The crunching of dry leaves under the soles of their feet as they walked away in silence. The clinking of two glasses as Dada (from Dada’s Chai Tapri) picked them up from the table.

“Rumi!’ thought Dada, smiling to himself, wiping the table, as he took yet another order for chai and fritters from a trio of college students who just pulled up to the place, they called “Our Escape from Reality- Dada’s Chai Tapri.”


Author ~ Zoyah Virani Editor ~ Hirday Lakhwani

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