Darkness and Light

“Darkness, as we know it, is simply the mere absence of light.”

More often than not, we tend to use darkness metaphorically- meaning hopelessness, sadness and dismay. Similarly, light represents happiness and hope. Light and darkness are basic natural phenomena as well as symbolic terms that are often equated with the pairs of Being and Non-Being, primordial chaos and world order.

Darkness is the mysterious, impenetrable root and source of light; and light becomes associated with creation. Is the moon any less beautiful than the sun? We cannot speak of the two in comparative terms because that is a matter of perspective.

Life cannot be a single shade, it requires a balance between the two. To appreciate the light, you must experience the darkness and vice versa. Stars are appreciated for their radiance but they require the darkness of the night to shine. The yin -yang is the perfect example of the concept of ‘finding light in the darkness’ and ‘the goodness in evil’. True art is created by those who can look beyond stereotypical symbolizations of color rather than using those hazy definitions for a deeper interpretation.

It’s just like the famous ‘Dark Knight Returns’ comic, where darkness and light become irrelevant when two heroes start fighting each other. The heroes and villains in the book are not what we’re used to because we expect them to be friends who share a common goal. Instead, they are fighting each other because one hero wants to show the other hero that he needs to take another look at the world and realize it has changed; and the other refuses to recognize the changes in the world and change himself. The heroes fight each other which is hard to watch - since heroes are supposed to bring light to the world.

Summarizing darkness as evil and light as good would be near sighted since the real picture is so much more than that. It’s much like a plethora of colors hidden behind a simple black and white chess board.

Author: Sia Sheguri

Editor: Anika Priyaranajn

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