Days of childhood

Uncertainty fills the air, And suddenly I'm not so sure. Nostalgia begins to decay, But why? Heavy, heavier... I inhale and sigh with, what, exasperation? Gone are the days when going out to play was our only ambition, Scribblings on the wall were the only mistakes, Eating whatever mom packed inside the tiffin box was the only difficulty, Huge fights ended in loud waves of laughter and pinky promises, Life was simple and beautiful.

Growing up a lot would be fun, we thought, But nature had other ideas. It brought two big words called maturity and responsibility. These were all mere distractions, To prevent me from colliding, With myself, With how I feel. Emotionally traumatized, Physically exhausted, Mentally handcuffed, But it does not leave us. Nothing can leave us, Nothing stays as well. As quickly as you walked away from yourself, Leaving all memories, Engraved in brains, Causing yourself to crumble in apparent pain, Stuck in reality, while living in dreams, To syllabify silence, the brook starts, As we die to become a child again.

Author ~Arushi Dubey

Editor ~ V.R.Kapse

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