Dear adult

Greta Thunberg once said, “How dare you!

As she discussed in her speech, how dare adults say that they love us and want the best for us if they can’t leave us clean air to breathe in and a clean glass of water to drink from? A thousand excuses can be found in the black market of impetuousness for not taking responsibility for your child’s future. But one, just one reason is enough for taking stock of your deeds. Find that reason in your children’s sparkling eyes, and your conscience won’t let you murder them.

We don’t understand what you mean by rejoicing in Mother Nature

When all I have seen you do in her lap is toxin nurture.

Long ago, flowed here a stream, tinkling, sparkling, clear

Mature and tranquil as a seer, youthful and restless as a deer.

There was once a big banyan tree, majestic and monumental

Home to an ecosystem, ancient, noble and ornamental.

There was once a silken bridal mountain, frilled by a ribbon of silver

Once upon a time, that foam of white chiffon did the song of the waves deliver.

But now, the clock has ticked

That bride of a summit has been stripped and violated

That hallowed banyan tree has been ruthlessly annihilated

That matriarchal river has been steadily, stonily bled

That white chiffon has been stained with the blood of its own creatures, red.

However, time still hasn’t run out

It’s your last chance - do not flout

Realise, it’s inclusion, not domination that’s humanity’s staff

Else, you will carve your own child’s epitaph.

Writer: Shashmita Sanyal

Editor: Eeshpal Singh

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