Dear Alice

Dear Alice,

Curiouser and curiouser I feel as you entrance me with a place unfamiliar to us both. You are words fluttering around a page made into a girl with a mind as curious as can be and, I see myself in you.

I fall the same way you do, into the deep rabbit hole of worlds unknown and longed for. The words are painted across my eyelids and dance in a circle as the rabbit in the waistcoat and Absolum’s horrid smoke trips me out. The twins are as round as ever and I feel my stomach drop every time I dream. You were right;the hole does keep on going forever.

Both the queens are silly little things, I fear, and the Cheshire cat is smiling like he always has. He disappears into the moon and I wonder why the Mad Hatter hasn’t given away his hat already. Ah, Hatter. He’s as beautiful and immeasurably kooky in the head as ever. I can still hear his fingers snip snip snipping away at his wondrous hats. The sound of, “almost Alice” reverbs back to me every minute.

The clock is turning back again, the head of the jabberwocky falls into my lap and I dream of potions and pastries that make me grow tall. The key is stuck somewhere in my hair and I suddenly miss the crackhead bunny and his sweet tea. Although I’m sure you miss it more.

I can feel myself being dragged up the rabbit hole from which I fell and I don’t want to go back. There are too many things left unsaid, too many unaccounted for, too many towering flowers left to curse out my name and too many swords left to retrieve. I wish I had the same scars you did.

I’m falling back up again. I can see the hatter’s ever-changing eyes and I’m not sure if I’m confusing it with the sky. I’m back near the tree again and I can’t find the entrance anymore and no white rabbits pop out. I miss my home.

Welcome to wonderland Alice. I hope I see you there.


Ps. I think I can see the silly Cheshire’s smile. I refuse to believe it’s just the moon.

Author: Himadri Krishna Editor: Charu S

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