Dear Bishop's


Dear Bishop's,

Who would have known that when I walked through your gates eight years back, it would hurt when I would leave. You gave me so many memories that I can't even count them all. From bunking in the washroom near the tuck shop to bunking in the washroom near the staff room. From playing football in the PT period to playing football behind the dining hall in the Maths period. From standing up and saying good morning to not being in the class when the teacher entered. From eating donuts in the tuck shop to eating ice cream from the "ice cream bhaiya".

You gave me so many friends I'll never forget. I remember how I used to hate coming to school early in the morning, standing near the library for not having the hymn book and running till they asked us to stop around the quadrangle. I would now do anything to relive those memories.

Time passed by so fast and now I'm scared I'll never see you again. But the memories will be etched forever, the friends I made will be there forever, the hymn book and the blazer will be there forever and you will be in my heart forever. Thank you for everything.


Author: Manas Butalia

Editor: Zoyah Virani

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