Dear Boards, you are overhyped :)

Dear Tenth Boards,

What do you want from me? I mean you are just an overly hyped sheet of paper but you have made my life a living hell (wait, not one sheet, now you are happening twice). Look, in all due respect you are more confused than Devi in Never Have I Ever. At least she chose Paxton in the end, you still can’t decide if you want to be held offline or online, and don’t even get me started on the syllabus! Reduction? More like oh, let me toture the students more by removing the basics and the easy stuff while keeping them guessing for the rest of the chapters. After all chapter ka 50% is just missing, puzzle khele rahe hai na hum?!

Okay, I get it. In your defense, COVID 19 was an unforeseen issue, just like the typos in the NCERT books. I have been mugging up the wrong spellings alongside the now irrelevant and outdated data, just because you guys are too lazy to update the books. Oh, and talking about stupidity, how sexist and biased are you all? Please, when I read my political science book it feels as if I’ve opened that one party’s manifesto.

Also, what rubbish are the science test books? Please give me the chemical equations in a straightforward manner, otherwise just like you, I’ll also expect full marks while leaving a whole crossword puzzle for you to check and figure out in my answer sheets, Bhool Bhulaiyya 101.

Do you even want me to get started with regards to language? WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING ME? HINDI, BRAJ OR GUJARATI? It’s supposed to be a chapter in my simple Hindi NCERT book, not a ‘let’s-add-unnecessarily-complicated-stuff-making-a-common-language-challenging’ NCERT book.

Oh, and the writing exercises you give. Who in the world writes letters, that too a letter of order? By the way, Amazon exists. One click and I can set up a shop and earn more than the amount you spend on publishing the haphazard information about board exams. I really don’t see the purpose of making us write letters. Also, what’s with English teachers and their obsession with the date being in a particular way, the specific placement of commas and more?

At first I thought you’ll be easy, but I was so wrong. You brought so much extra tension in life, from the free, unwanted advice from unknown family members and random Sharma aunties to my desk, looking as if it’s made up of sticky notes. You set a stream selection time bomb, and here I don’t even know when my assignment is due, let alone about my future path.

The day I get my hands on you, I will choke, stab you and rip you apart, and when I’m finally done with you, I’ll burn you alongside my Maths book. I will sacrifice you for my mental peace.

In conclusion I would like to state, I’m sorry if I wasn’t rude enough, but you are a pain in the wrong place. It’s not me, it’s you :))

Yours sincerely (Wait strike this off, the English teacher said that you don’t write sincerely while teaching us the format of a letter).

(Inserting some salutation bound to impress the teacher and not forgetting the comma),

The Burnt Out and Exhausted 10th Grader

Writer: Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Anousha Ambar

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