Dear Christine

Dear Christine,

Weep not over the days that have gone by,

But rejoice at the prospect of a brighter sky.

I know I vowed, but my time was due,

Ergo, I must bid you adieu.

Brood not under the gleaming stars,

But muse about the time we compared scars.

Long gone are the days when I could gaze at you bare,

But you mustn’t despair.

For we both know this was meant to be but a fleeting tale,

Of a lad and his lass, whose love shall always prevail,

Undeterred by the cancer running through his vein,

Albeit apprehending it was to be his bane.

I hope you sail the seven seas and voyage yonder,

Watch auroras while your heart grows fonder.

Oh how we always orated on the most ludicrous notion,

I still fail to fathom, with the utmost devotion.

Au revoir mon amour, and always remember,

Life is but a dying ember.

Thus live vicariously, and in your prime,

Until I meet you, all over, for the very first time.

Author: Anushka Thakur

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