Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Do you know what’s my favourite memory of us? Me neither. I have a thousand happy memories of you and a million reasons to keep loving you no matter what.

You carried my weight on your shoulders in every sense. You showed me the world from up above and you made me feel like a real king. I’m grateful for that.

You’re a man of principles and tradition, yet logic follows every action of yours. I wonder how you do it and never get tired. You’re always my brightest sunshine and the reason for my happiest smile. You taught me that no matter how old you get, the child in you never dies. I will never be wary or made to feel weird by the gibberish names you can’t seem to stop calling me.

But Papa, there’s something you should know, something I’ve been keeping from you all along; it’s that I like men. I wish I could garnish this with words and weave in some poetry but I need this to be as plain and simple as it can be. I need you to understand every piece of my mind and empathise with me.

I know I am your only son and this is the last thing you saw coming but do understand I did not land on this lightly. I have had sleepless nights, contorting cries and endless spirals. I know what this means. Society isn’t an easy place to be but I have hope. I have hope because today, I am the man you taught me to be and also because I have you standing right next to me. Above all and beyond any doubt, I want you to know that I will always be the son you had from the very start. I promise you this will change nothing between us except that you will have a damaad instead of a bahu.

I know this may be hard to accept. You will need some time and I will obviously give you space but at the end of it all, I am still promising you grandkids.

Yours truthfully,

The son you raised right.

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