dear ex-best friend

To my ex-best friend,

I still remember the day we became friends. We started talking randomly- out of nowhere in second grade. I, for once, was happy that I had a friend who would listen to me (I mean I just had to talk about the latest Barbie movie that had come out, come on, we were eight!) But we didn’t talk after that for almost two years when you met some other friend of yours; I thought it was normal- you know, best friends getting replaced- a part of the process, that’s what I thought.

Then came fifth grade, and oh boy, what a hell of a year it was! I thought we could never rekindle our broken, long-lost friendship- but I wanted to, so bad! Maybe I was in desperate need of a friend because it seemed like my friends had forgotten me. And then the best thing happened- our class teacher made you sit in front of me and then I thought that fate wanted us to be friends again. Pretty awkward at first, I know, but then you started talking to me about Alan Walker songs (cause he was the moment back in 2017), then about Charlie Puth’s eyebrow cut, how our favorite song was Don’t Let Me Down.

I really thought we were best friends. I used to tell you everything going on with me. My home, school, life (honestly why life when we were 10!) Then probably the best day of fifth grade came- the school picnic. A pretty crappy place, I know, but it was the day we had the time of our lives! When our teacher scolded us about not walking quickly, because we only had a few hours till we were to return, she said: “You’re not kids anymore”. We looked at each other and smiled. On the way back we made our own version of “We don’t talk anymore” by changing the lyrics. Ahh, good times those ones were.

Then came sixth grade, where I met a few other friends and made another best friend. We were in different classes but our bond was stronger than ever. We became something so indescribable- always looking out for each other, making sure we had our lunches properly, heck even if we had heard the latest songs! But then came seventh, and I realised that I was losing you. You didn’t talk to me enough- you found new friends. I was never a fan of them, I felt left out every time they used to come around. I met some of the most amazing people in seventh grade, and it became my favourite grade that I had ever experienced. Around December, one of my best friends stopped talking to me, and I was a mess. I thought I would lose you too- because a part of me had already given up on us. But I didn’t lose hope. Because the other half of me still believed in us. Then came 2020, the year I got a reality check. The year we had that mentorship. Again, we had the same mentor who had personal sessions with us. And when they asked me about my best friend, I immediately put your name forward. But they just looked at me with a sad smile. They said that you didn’t say my name. I was stunned for a whole minute but took the courage and just smiled, and said: “It’s okay”. You didn’t call me, text me or check up on me after that mentorship. Sounds childish to break apart a friendship that we had, but neither of us came forward to mend it. Because that part of me was right- the one that didn’t believe in us. We were never supposed to be together as anything.

Well, it’s been a year and you have your own friends, I have my own. I have three best friends now, and I know you do too. I don’t regret a single moment we had. Yes, maybe I have stopped hearing Alan Walker, maybe I skip “We don’t talk anymore” because we don’t anymore, maybe I have my eyes moist right now while I am writing this but hey ex-best friend! Wish you the best of luck, cause you do look happy now! I hope someday we keep everything in the past and become friends again, because the part of me that had hope, still looks forward to us.


Your ex-best friend

Author: Mahira Pathania

Editor: Akanksha Makhija

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