Dear Friend

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

March 1, 2021

Dear Charlie,

You ended your last letter believing that things will be good for me and even if they aren’t, they soon enough will be. Each and every one of your letters has brought me closer to my own self, each and every thought of yours has made me contemplate my own musings and beliefs. It's so remarkable how an anonymous person and a complete stranger can impact your life in such a profound manner. It's kind of scary even that people you know absolutely nothing about can become such a big part of your story.

Right from you feeling out of place, to your sudden mood swings- I have connected to every single word of yours. Every new page brought in a fresh breeze of understanding and realisation, and for those twenty something letters you sent out to me I will forever be grateful. I assure you, they are cherished.

While you chose to remain anonymous, I would rather have you know my name. I would have you know that there is me, far from you not only in terms of distance but time, reality and actuality as well but I want you to know that the escapism your letters provided me stirred something deep in me.

While we remain strangers, I am also your confidant. I hope you will be mine too. Beginning from now if you may, I will too, love to share with you the perks of being a wallflower.

Love always, Simran

Author: Shriya Simran Pradhan Editor: Navya Jain

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