Dear future kids,


I am writing to you before I find out if I can have children or before I am ready to have a family or even before I believe that I am capable of raising you. I want to tell you that you are beautiful. Not the picturesque art kind of beautiful, but the kind of beautiful that makes people realize their life is incomplete without you in it.

Never succumb to the ideals of beauty defined by this society. Be your own kind of beautiful. 36-24-36 or 6 pack abs are great, but so are rainbow coloured hair and toned muscles and a paunch. Wear that nose ring, get tattoos and make a religion out of your body. Worship it, decorate it, but don't ever hate it. Come to me after your second, third, or seventeenth heartbreak and tell me why you think love is a myth. Teenage love is an experience. I am not against it and I will never be. Tell me how your first kiss felt, about your fight with your best friend. Please don't hide chats or messages from me. I promise you, I am not going to snoop around your phone, but please tell me why you are sad. Bring that boy or girl home. Be unapologetic. Stop saying “sorry” like it's your name. You never have to apologise for being yourself. You have every right to say no to things. For sex, for dates, for marriage.

You don't owe explanations to people. Find what creates a storm in your chest: painting, dancing, bartending, cooking, writing or gaming. Make sure you follow it. But hey, if you want to be a neurologist, be one. Study like your life depends on it, but don't be pressured into it.

You are not carrying the world on your shoulder or your parents' wishes. Believe in fairy tales. The ones about dragons and brave men and women who fought for what they believed in. You are not them; you are you, and that, my god, is a fairy tale in itself.

Don't hide your opinions, speak them loudly. Make sure you are heard. Respect people for what they are. Forgive us; we make mistakes too. Yes, your father and I don't know how to raise children the best, but we sure know if there is something that changed our entire lives, it has been you.

It will always be you.

Yours, Mumma.


Author ~ Arushi Dubey

Editor ~ Debolina B

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