Dear Hardin Scott

I couldn’t relate more to you. It’s okay, I know sometimes it hurts to look back and think. It is so harsh sometimes. It gets suffocating. I know that the cruel world has let you believe that your decisions are mostly wrong but that is not true. No kid in the world should witness what you did. I understand your commitment issues, your childhood trauma and everything that you have faced till date. Tessa made you a better person because she made you believe that you could change, and you did. I am proud of you for that.

You taught me that scars can be healed, that your old demons won’t haunt you forever and that sometimes to get the things you love the most, you have to fight with yourself. You showed me that everyone deserves love. You weren’t always a gentleman but you became one. You taught me that people can change, that nothing is permanent. You taught me that nothing stays forever, not the hurt and sometimes not the happiness.

People might and WILL judge you, but you have to believe in yourself. You taught me that sometimes you might not have the whole world, but what you have slowly becomes your world.

You are probably the most toxic character, but you had reasons. You made me believe that sometimes you have to be toxic, so the things that actually hurt you can’t get closer.

Thank you for that.

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: Vedant Vaswani

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