Dear Kaira

Dear Kaira (from Dear Zindagi),

I am very fond of you and I am writing this letter to tell you that I am so proud of the person you have become after so many milestones that you have crossed in your life. It does not matter how many boys you've had relationships or been with, it doesn't define you as a person. People will talk about it because they have no other job to do and we cannot change their opinion but we can ignore them and not let their harshness affect us.

It is not necessary for relationships to function according to what we want or what we planned them to be and maybe there is a better future. Raghuvendra was not the right man for you. A person who is dishonest, disrespectful, and who doesn't really care about you is not worthy of you. It's okay if you take time to get over him. It takes guts to move on from a guy with whom you are so closely associated and have to depend on for your big project. It's absolutely normal to have “mental issues'' but the most important thing is that you expressed them instead of hiding them. Without overthinking it, you visited the psychiatrist and got the necessary treatment done - in your case, you expressed how you felt. It's okay to not feel okay; to not be able to sleep; to feel low and have anxiety. The commendable thing is that you came out of your past, whether it was your parents abandoning you, you having a tough time during childhood or being mentally sick.

All that matters is that now you have understood that there are so many kinds of relationships which can be made for various occasions. Loving yourself and living your life to the fullest without having any regrets is what we all need to learn. It's alright to have a soft corner for Dr. Jehangir Khan, keeping that relationship or equation with him formal was not easy which you did. Telling things straight away and speaking what you felt was a huge progress which you made at the end. Kiara, you have to be strong, nobody can help you better than yourself, people can show you the path but it's you who has to deal with all the situations at the end. It's fine to not do a job for a while and take a break to figure out life. You are a brave, intelligent and confident person, just don't underestimate yourself because you can achieve anything you want to. Just remember, everything happens for a reason and you have to believe in yourself, and that having mental problems is no shame. Your childhood was maybe dark and unhappy but I am sure your future will be bright, with the perfect man and understanding proud parents in it.

If you feel like screaming you should, if you feel like crying you should, it's good to let all the emotions out, but just don't stop yourself. Don't get too attached to people, having no expectations is the way of life. I am really glad that you have overcome everything and are finally content and satisfied with yourself and your beautiful life.

Yours lovingly,


Author: Khushi Shah Editor: Aastha M, Krisha R

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