Dear long lost friend

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Dear once- upon-a-time friend,

Remember how we used to play in the sand? Remember how carefree we used to be? Remember when we made promises to be friends forever?

Well, now do you even remember what we had?

I can never forget those days, those merry days of our childhood. We knew each other since we were little children who could barely talk. In fact, we learned together, played together, danced together; but now, we are nothing like what we used to be.

Sometimes, I wonder if we were the ones who changed. I still remember when we used to talk about resisting all kinds of transitions. Simply because we never wanted to grow up and lose each other.

Perhaps, it was you. Perhaps, it was me. Either way, it wasn't the right way to end. Maybe, what we didn't realize is that life moves on, our surroundings change.

I cannot help but presume that after so many years of friendship, we never doubted that we could change.

I don't even know why I am thinking about all this. Maybe, it's just so that somewhere, I don’t feel guilty.

I understand that things were difficult for both of us but what we didn't realize is that was the time we needed each other the most.

I miss what we had. I truly miss 'us'.

Truly yours,

A person you once loved

Author: Anonymous

Editor: Anika Priyaranjajn

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