Dear ‘Man’kind

(Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse)

Broken and shattered

Are the glass shards

Which have my body marred

And my heart scarred

Crooked and twisted

Are the metal pieces

Which have my back pierced

And my mind with pain versed

I am crying, I am hurting

My eyes are resonating agony

I am bleeding, I am struggling

My ears are amplifying this cacophony

Help me - I'm drowning

In this dark sea of hopelessness

Save me - I am dying

In this lost world that is now a mess.

That cane - thin, but gashing

I can still hear it lashing

Against my gentle, soft skin tender

Forcing me to then surrender

That spot - in that lone ghost-town

Where I was brutally pinned down

Despite my vehement fulminations

Thus rendering me futile during that predation

I am aching as I am facing

My last few days alone

I am anguishing as I am bandaging

With time the wounds that have but grown

Save my skin - I mean it literally

For I no longer recognize the one in the mirror

Succour me - from this villainy

For my end is inching ever nearer

I cannot speak, I cannot talk

Though, do not mistake my silence for fear

I am impeded by my tongue speared

Whilst I am with Death at crosswalks

I cannot move, I am motionless

But, do not misinterpret my immobility

I am prevented by my castrated disability

Whilst my breath I lose and become restless

I know now what my future holds

I know now what lies at the end of this road

For my mind with pain will continue to reel

For these bruises and wounds will never heal

I was exploited and illtreated

Made a victim of the most heinous crime

I was mauled and molested

Inflicted horrors upon, maimed and mimed

Now as I mosey along to

Embrace dear old Death

I whisper under my breath

“Dear ‘man’kind this one thing you must do.

Spare the others that you

Planned on roping into this spiteful hap.”

And as Death around me his arms wraps

I hope that my wish comes true.

Author: VR Kapse

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