Dear, Mr. Darcy

“Dear Elizabeth,” he scribbles across his parched paper with his quill dipped, not only in ink, but in love and passion. Now who would have ever thought of Mr. Darcy to be an inherent romantic and a passionate one at that?

You’ve changed the entire perspective of the way love can be viewed Mr. Darcy, and I quite feel like our Beth was a lucky lady indeed. Although one would be forced to say your techniques were a bit “jarring”, to be as polite as possible.

I can still feel Elizabeth’s stare and your ever growing shame when you realised that proposing after completely undermining and showing disgust for the love of your life’s family, was nothing short of the most comedic spectacle one could ever imagine.

Moving forth that, I write to you to say this, as long as “you have bewitched me, body and soul. And I love, love, love you” exists, as long as you hold hands on walks and stand in the pouring rain with Elizabeth while confessing your love to her, my faith in love will never die.


Just another enemies to lovers sucker.

Ps. “You must know, surely you must know it was all for you.” She didn’t. She in-fact did not know.

Author: Himadri Krishna Editor: Anushka Saxena

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