Dear once upon a time soul sister

Updated: May 15, 2021

Dear once upon a time soul sister,

We were closer than sisters could ever be.

We shared our deepest secrets with each other. We dreamt the wildest of dreams and laughed over the silliest of things. We fought over ice-creams, pizzas and even your 'aloo ka paratha'.

It's been a year since we've met and honestly, it feels as if we haven't spoken for ages. All that is left now are our memories to cherish. I don't know why we drifted; I don't know why we can't pretend as though this time period just didn't exist.

Where is that free-spirited girl who would think of the craziest of ideas? Where is that girl who used to be my partner in crime?

I still remember all the fun we had. The classes, the debates, the outings.

I miss that girl to whom I could talk about absolutely anything.

Maybe it's because we grew up, maybe it's because we changed. In the end, we both know that's just a consolation to our minds.

Despite however we may be now, you know you can always count on me for absolutely anything.

I hope we get back to being like before soon:)

Lots of love,

Your once upon a time bestie

Author: Amrita Pillai

Editor: Jaenil Parekh

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